Medicare Supplemental

Medigap, a supplemental Medicare insurance coverage, is provided by a private insurance company. Although federal law has defined 12 Medigap plans, not all states provide all 12 plans.

At HRG, we educate our clients that all insurance companies that offer Medicare Supplements must be approved by Medicare. More importantly, the coverage inside each plan is exactly the same regardless of which insurance company that a senior purchases it through.

If one insurance plan with one particular insurance company is exactly the same coverage as the same plan with another insurance company, you would think that the cost would be the same. However, that is not true and many seniors are paying much more money than they need to for their coverage.

With the ability to shop many different Medicare Supplement carriers, HRG has a great advantage in finding our clients the least expensive cost when it comes to Medicare supplement coverage.

Below are Medicare Supplemental Products that HRG offers


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