"Final Expense" Life Insurance

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Why a "Final Expense" Policy is a Necessity for You and Your Family


Funeral Costs

Most people understand that the immediate after-life process is not cheap. Whether you are planning a burial or cremation- the cost of products and services can be great.

Outstanding Medical Bills

Almost all individuals who pass leave behind outstanding medical bills. Emergency transportation, medical treatment, and much more can play into the overall cost left for your family.

Outstanding Personal Debt

When we pass away, our debt does not go with us. Many times, lenders and creditors will go after your family for any outstanding debt we leave behind.

Estate Taxes

Did you know that, as of 2020, if your estate value is over a certain amount, the remaining value is subject to taxation. A “final expense” life insurance policy could help your loved ones pay off those taxes, rather than forcing them to quickly and irrationally sell your assets.

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