How to Choose a Primary Doctor

Original Medicare does not require you to select a primary care doctor. However, it still makes sense to select a primary doctor to see on a regular basis. This way, you will have someone who will really get to know your health needs and issues over time.

A good primary doctor can help you with preventive care and offer advice on things like diet and exercise. A primary doctor can be a family practitioner, internist, geriatrician, or other physician.

Here are some tips on choosing a doctor to stick with:

  1. Find a doctor who accepts Original Medicare, or whatever insurance plan you have.
  2. Ask if the doctor serves many senior patients.
  3. Learn if the doctor has privileges at the hospital you prefer to go to.
  4. Get an idea if he or she has the ability to clearly explain medical terms in a way that you can understand.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to ask for information from friends who see the doctor you are considering and to browse online reviews. But nothing beats meeting the doctor yourself and drawing your own conclusions.